• Train in OUR Aircraft!
  • Training conducted in        standard panel Bell 407
  • Air-Conditioned
  • Full-length SURFACITE Skid Shoes
  • Additional training available to include other Bell models
  • OFFSITE training is available

  • Close to the Dallas/Ft. Worth International (DFW) Airport
  • Modern facility with additional helicopter training services and aircraft types available
  • No FERRY flight requirements...train at OUR airport!
  • Large facility with multiple classrooms, briefing rooms, and student study areas


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Improving Helicopter Safety...One Pilot at a Time!


  • Fort Worth Meacham International Airport (KFTW)
  • Class D Airspace
  • Minutes from the historic Fort Worth Stockyards
  • Close-by Hotels and Restaurants

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Training conducted in Bell 407, Bell 206, and Bell Huey helicopters

  • Insurance Industry Accepted
  • Commercial Operator to include FAR Parts 135 and 141
  • Active Part 135 Instructors and Check Pilot on staff
  • Part 135 Training and Checking available to include Initial Cadre
  • Part 135/141 Management Experience to include DO, Chief Pilot, Chief Instructor, and Check Pilot
  • Emergency procedures conducted from mission profiles


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