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Training conducted in Bell 407, Bell 206, and Bell Huey helicopters

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Helicopter Institute offers basic, advanced, and instructor night vision goggle (NVG) training programs . The Helicopter Institute Basic NVG course provides in-depth academic curriculum and operational flight training in order to increase safety and situational awareness while operating at night. This course satisfies the requirements of 14 CFR Part 61.31(k)(1-2).

The Advanced NVG training program builds upon the Basic NVG training program by tailoring the training to the specific mission types conducted by the customer. During the Advanced NVG Training Course, pilots will conduct aircraft emergency procedures to include touch-down autorotations,  hydraulic-off landings, tail-rotor malfunctions, and FADEC failures, as applicable.

The Instructor NVG training program will focus on providing the attendee with the knowledge and skill to effectively teach NVG flight. All of the maneuvers and procedures to obtain the 14 CFR Part 61.31(k)(1-2) endorsement to act as PIC while using NVGs will be covered from the instructional perspective. Heavy emphasis will be placed upon instructional intervention techniques and strategies while teaching NVG flight.

Helicopter Institute is authorized to issue the NVG Instructor Endorsement required by 14 CFR Part 61.195(k)(7).

The Helicopter Institute night vision training course encompass the most up-to-date technology, information, techniques and procedures for implementing NVGs in new or pre-existing aviation programs. Training may be conducted with either standard green phosphor or white phosphor, as applicable to the customer.

The NVG training course is currently only available in the Bell 407, however a Robinson R-44 will be available soon.

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