Train in OUR aircraft in Temple TX:

At this time, Bell Huey training is only scheduling classes on an as needed basis at our Temple, Texas location.

Pilot Transition Course Cost:
- Initial $17,750.00 
- Recurrent $9,500.00 

Offsite Training:

When training is conducted in a customers aircraft and location, the following will apply:

  •   A daily rate plus expenses will apply
  • Helicopter Institute may provide non-owned insurance coverage for the duration of training
  • No more than 4.5 flight hours per day
  • Additional conditions may apply

Company Bell 407 Training and Bell 206 Training and Helicopter Training


Classroom instruction:

Provide comprehensive coverage of aircraft systems description, operational characteristics, operating limitations and performance, and a review of portions of FAR Part 91.

Initial:  20 hours
Recurrent: 8 hours*

Flight Training:

Provides the customer with demonstration and performance of normal maneuvers and emergency procedures. Training may be conducted during day or night.

Single engine emergency procedure training includes touchdown autorotations, hydraulic-off landings, and anti-torque system failure procedures.

Initial:  6 hours
Recurrent: 2 hours

Completion Standards:

To complete a course of instruction, each maneuver shall be performed at or above those standards as stated in the FAA Practical Test Standards for the level of certificate held. Upon satisfactory completion of all course requirements, a Certificate of Completion will be issued. In addition, a 14 (CFR) Part 61.56 Flight Review may be provided.

* Flight only recurrent courses are available. Upon completion of a flight only recurrent course, only a Certificate of Flight Training will be issued.

** Each scheduled course will have a maximum of 3 students.

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Bell UH-1 Huey Pilot Transition Course

This course is FAA-Approved Part 141

Train in OUR Aircraft or Yours!!!